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China Coal Group Mining Equipment Sent To Yunnan And Shanxi Provinces

Date:2024-06-17     Label:

China Coal News Shipment

June 17, in this blazing sunny day, a scene of industrial strength of the magnificent picture is unfolding: a large truck fleet loaded with all kinds of mining equipment independently developed and produced by China Coal Group is ready to depart for China's resource-rich Yunnan Province and Shanxi Province.

These mining equipments include advanced suspended hydraulic pillars, side-discharge mining trucks, flat trucks, etc., all of which incorporate the latest technological elements and safety standards in the design and manufacturing process. Each machine carries the important mission of enhancing the productivity of the mining industry and safeguarding the safety of operators. Among them, the suspended monolithic hydraulic pillar, after innovative improvement, overcomes the defects and problems of DZ-type (piston type) monolithic hydraulic pillar, and has many advantages, such as high working resistance, light weight, long service life, large working stroke, low cost, easy to operate, wide range of use and good stability, etc.; the tipping bucket mine car, the frame adopts riveted welded structure, which reduces the impact of stress on the mine car and increases the service life of the car, without the need to use in the process of mining, and it is not necessary to use in the process of mining. In the process of using, without any auxiliary facilities, it can be automatically turned left and right, and has many advantages such as flexible, lightweight, etc.; flat trucks, the frame adopts metal frame structure, can withstand traction, braking force, collision force between mine trucks and rail impact, durable, with a simple structure, durable, small resistance coefficient, large carrying capacity, convenient maintenance, wide range of uses, and many other advantages. At present, a variety of models and styles of hydraulic pillars, mining trucks and flat trucks independently developed and produced by our group have been awarded the certificate of National Safety Mark for Mining Products, and exported to 166 countries and regions, and have been praised by domestic and foreign customers since they have been put into the market.

Behind this spectacular scene, what is reflected is China Coal Group's consistent adherence to the commitment to national energy security and its determination to relentlessly pursue product quality excellence. As one of the backbone enterprises in China's industrial and mining equipment manufacturing industry, China Coal Group knows that each piece of equipment is related to the safe and stable operation of the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in R&D and innovation for this purpose. From the elaborate design of R&D engineers to the day and night assembly of production line staff; from the strict control of the quality inspection team to the meticulousness of the final assembly workers. Each link is closely connected, and together they provide a solid guarantee for creating high-quality mining equipment.

China Coal Group delivers a batch of mining equipment representing advanced productivity to the north and south of the motherland, which will further promote the modernization of the mining industry in the relevant regions and help realize green mining and sustainable development. This is not only a recognition of our technical strength and service capability, but also has a far-reaching impact on the future development of China and even the global mining industry. In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation-driven development, constantly improve the technical content of products and service quality, and commit to contributing more power to the global resource extraction business.



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