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Automatic Mortar Spray Machines: Versatility, Efficiency, and Enhanced Construction

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Automatic Mortar Spray Machine

Automatic Mortar Spray Machines: Versatility, Efficiency, and Enhanced Construction

What is an Automatic Mortar Spray Machine?

An automatic mortar spray machine is a versatile device designed for various construction tasks including reinforcement, leveling, painting, and pumping. It is capable of handling ordinary mortar plastering, plastering plaster, thermal insulation mortar, bonding mortar, lime painting, repair painting, face ash, tile sticking, and filling mortar. Equipped with a specially developed screw pump for the Chinese market, this machine can use both existing mud and pre-mixed mortar.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Versatility:

    • Multi-Functionality: By changing the spray gun and screw pump, the automatic mortar spray machine can handle most ordinary and special mortars. It adjusts the air volume to achieve multiple functions in one machine.
    • Different Materials: The machine can use different mixers to achieve integration of mixing and spraying, allowing it to handle a wide variety of materials.
  2. Efficiency and Speed:

    • Shortened Construction Period: The application of the automatic mortar spray machine significantly shortens the overall construction period, improving project progress.
    • No Waste: Efficient use of materials ensures there is no wastage, leading to cost savings.
  3. Ease of Use:

    • Switch Control: The machine is equipped with a user-friendly switch control, including a remote control switch for spraying. This allows for easy operation and control during use.
    • Convenience: Only three people are required to operate the machine, simplifying labor requirements and reducing potential problems.
  4. Work Efficiency and Quality:

    • Good Work Efficiency: The machine offers high work efficiency, ensuring tasks are completed quickly and effectively.
    • High-Quality Results: The quality of the mortar application is consistently high, meeting construction standards and expectations.


The automatic mortar spray machine is suitable for:

  • Surface plastering of internal and external walls, floors, roofs, beams, and columns of buildings.
  • Mechanized construction of special mortars.
  • Pumping both dry and wet mixed mortar on site.

Advantages of Using the Automatic Mortar Spray Machine

  1. Stable Mortar Ratio: Ensures consistent and reliable mortar application.
  2. High Construction Efficiency: Mechanized processes increase the speed and efficiency of construction tasks.
  3. Low Investment Cost: The machine's versatility and efficiency reduce overall project costs.
  4. Strong Mobility: Easy to move and use in various construction sites.
  5. Versatile Pumping Capabilities: Can handle both dry and wet mixed mortar, increasing its applicability in different construction scenarios.


The automatic mortar spray machine revolutionizes the construction industry with its versatility, efficiency, and high-quality results. Its ability to handle multiple materials and functions in one machine makes it an invaluable tool for modern construction projects. By significantly shortening construction periods and ensuring no material waste, this machine not only improves work efficiency but also reduces labor requirements and project costs. Whether for internal or external wall plastering, specialized mortar applications, or site-specific mortar pumping, the automatic mortar spray machine is a game-changer in achieving faster, more efficient, and cost-effective construction.




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