What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cement Spraying Machine

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Cement and gypsum can do machine jet material, from the performance, gypsum strength and general base wall are relatively matching, will not appear cement mortar cracking and empty drum problem; In te

Cement and gypsum can do machine jet material, from the performance, gypsum strength and general base wall are relatively matching, will not appear cement mortar cracking and empty drum problem; In terms of energy saving, gypsum consumes only a third as much energy as cement, and emits only a tenth as much carbon dioxide as cement. From the Angle of environmental protection, gesso has a lot of environmental protection characteristic such as qualitative light, absorb heat, sound insulation, flame-retardant, assist breath, can be recycled infinitely, accord with the strategic goal that the country develops energy-saving environmental protection industry. Developed country interior wall plastering 90% is to use gesso mortar, gesso mortar also is domestic plastering material development direction. Look from market price, cement mortar is low, be in commonly 200 ~ 300 yuan, gesso mortar wants tall, abroad gesso spray coater price is in 2000 yuan or so, domestic gesso spray coater has 1000 yuan or so only. Although the price of gypsum mortar than cement, but considering the cost of later maintenance and environmental benefits and other comprehensive factors, as internal wall plastering materials, gypsum mortar performance is better than cement mortar, can improve the quality and grade of internal wall decoration.

Can the metope after gesso spraying machine craze and empty drum

Three, after gesso spray machine metope can craze and empty drum?

The crack of interior wall plaster and empty drum are the problem that everybody cares more. Gypsum mortar will not appear cracking and empty drum phenomenon, mainly because:

First, cement spraying machine is generally used compound additive production, thus increasing the gypsum mortar and base bonding, change gypsum elastic mold, make it and aerated concrete block match, reduce plaster gypsum shrinkage rate, increase gypsum water retention rate, thus put an end to the occurrence of cracking and empty drum phenomenon.

Second, cement spraying machine is through the pressure of air accelerated jet to the wall, with a certain amount of rebound, this means that wet mortar and base with a good adhesion, wet mortar is continuously sprayed to the wall, with a good continuity, effectively prevent the wall empty drum and the risk of cracking.

Third, before spraying construction, want to be in the base wall material connection, as well as in the distance plastering surface one third of the installation of alkaline mesh cloth, in order to prevent empty drum and crack.

How to make when cement spraying machine neither plug tube nor flow hang

Five, how to make cement spraying machine neither plug tube nor flow hanging?

The main reasons for pipe clogging are: unreasonable mortar grading, and pipe clogging due to the presence of large particles; Mortar consistency value is too small, poor fluidity; No pipeline pre-cleaning; Unskillful operation, such as only open the pump valve and not open the pressure valve resulting in tube blockage. The main reason for the flow hanging phenomenon is that the mortar viscosity is too low and the adhesion with the base is not enough.

So, prevent cement spraying machine to block the tube and flow hanging, first of all to choose the correct cement spraying machine, because the quality of reliable gypsum mortar has a reasonable grading, and mixed with water retention agent, pumping agent and other compound additives, pumping, viscosity and fluidity can meet the requirements of the machine spraying. Secondly, to adjust the water amount to a constant in accordance with the instructions of the machine spraying mortar, the machine will automatically mix, add not too much water is not too little, too much cause mortar easy to flow hanging, too little cause mortar spraying not smooth, later leveling difficulty. Third, correctly master the operation of jet equipment, every time after the completion of the construction to clean the pipeline.

Scraper stick board how to do

Seven, scraping stick board how to do?

General mortar, in order to enhance the bonding force with the wall, the viscosity is larger, this will cause later construction is more difficult, scraper rod is not smooth, easy to adhere to the board, then can not increase the water to dilute the consistency to solve the problem, otherwise it will be out of the flow hanging, sagging phenomenon. The most effective way to solve the problem of scraping rod sticking board is to add an appropriate amount of thixotropic lubricant, thixotropic lubricant with lubrication, thixotropic, water retention, suspension and other functions, can improve the construction, scraping, so that the rod smooth, no effort, no adhesion board.

Eight, how to solve the gypsum mortar not resistant to water problem?

The higher absorption rate of gypsum and the lower softening coefficient are the main causes of water intolerance. The bibulous rate of general gesso 72h reaches 28% or so, softening coefficient is 0.35 or so. In order to solve the problem of water intolerance, generally add an appropriate amount of hydrophobic agent and borax in gypsum mortar, hydrophobic agent and borax can make paste condensate free water release, increase the density of gypsum, reduce the amount of water absorption of gypsum, and improve the strength of gypsum after hardening. The water absorption rate of gypsum can be reduced by about 8% and the softening coefficient can be increased to 0.83. Additional, after kitchen defends use gesso mortar bottom plasterer, when the shop sticks ceramic tile, use ceramic tile glue shop sticks ceramic tile, with waterproof crocheting agent crocheting, ensure moisture cannot permeate to gesso mortar layer.

Nine, how to eliminate the surface after scraping rod rough and fine hole?

After scraping with H ruler, unavoidably appear rough and fine hole, at this time can be eliminated by scraping finishing process. This process requires the use of airfoil scraper. When using airfoil scraper operation, one is to need the material is still soft enough to scrape, so can use airfoil scraper to scrape down the slurry on the wall rough place and small holes to fill closed; Two is always with a fixed face to the wall for scraping, to avoid the other side of the non-smooth cause of new uneven; Third, airfoil scraper and the wall to maintain about 75° Angle for scraping. This operation is used to detect and eliminate minor irregularities.

Ten, cement spraying machine general spraying how thick?

The thickness of the plastering layer shall be specified by the design of the building. According to the code for construction and acceptance of architectural decoration engineering, the average total thickness of plastering layer should be:

Ceiling -- lath, hollow brick, cast-in-place concrete 15mm; Precast concrete 18mm; Metal mesh 20mm.

Internal wall -- ordinary plaster 18mm; Intermediate plastering 20mm; Advanced plaster 25mm.

General cement spraying machine can be sprayed 8mm ~ 20mm, the average coating thickness is 10mm. PABC cement spraying machine can be sprayed 3mm ~ 35mm, the average coating thickness is 8mm.

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